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Blotter for October 2014


10/03/2014 Report of Theft taken in Hawkins Park.

10/07/2014 Informational Report Taken in the 1000 Block of Missouri Ave.

10/11/2014 Justin Nutting was cited for a Nuisance Violation in the 400 Block of A St.

10/12/2014 Informational Report was taken in the 900 Block of Bridge St.

10/18/2014 Report of a Missing Person was taken in the 1000 Block of Weed Ave.

10/23/2014 Pamela Bond 59 was arrested for DUII in the 500 Block of East Bridge St.

10/27/2014 Report of Burglary, Theft, Trespass, and Unlawful Entry at the Vernonia Lake Mill Pond

10/29/2014 Michael Wooten 49 was arrested on Warrant in the 700 Block of Bridge St

Traffic Citations/Violations

10/05/2014 Erik Carter 30 was cited for Violation of the Basic Rule 80/55 on HWY 47 S. near Arctic Way

10/22/2014 Christopher Benzel 20 was cited for Driving without a License and Failure to Carry Registration near Grant St.

10/24/2014 Citation issued for No Operators License and Defective Lighting near Texas Ave.

Vernonia Police Department responds to calls that do not always end in Arrest, Report, or Citation.
10/01/2014 through 10/31/2014 VPD responded to 233 calls/incidents.

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