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Blotter for September 2014

09/03/2014 - Kristoffer Bock 27 was arrested in the 400 Block of Jefferson Ave for Disorderly Conduct.

09/08/2014 - Death Investigation in the 600 Block of Madison Ave.

09/08/2014 - Informational Report taken on an incident that occurred in the 300 Block of B St.

09/09/2014 - Report of Criminal Mischief on E. Bridge St near Lakeview Dr.

09/13/2014 - Report of Theft and Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle in the 1600 Block of Heather Ln. (Ongoing Investigation)

09/14/2014 - Death Investigation in the 1900 Block of Weed Ave.

9/15/2014 - Stalking Order Violation in the 1900 Block of Mist Dr.

9/16/2014 - Warrant Arrest in the 200 Block of A Street

9/21/2014 - Report of Assault on the 600 Block of Bridge St.

9/22/2014 - Animal dispatched on HWY 47 near mile marker 67

**********TRAFFIC/OTHER CITATIONS**********

09/03/2014 ??? Jean Stratford (50) was issued a traffic citation for Violation of posted Speed Limit (70/55) on Hwy 47 near Milepost 65.

09/03/2014 - Terry Jacobs (26) was issued a traffic citation for Driving While Suspended and Driving Uninsured on Weed Ave. near Bridge St.
9/23/2014 - Crash report taken on Scapoose Vernonia HWY near mile marker 67

9/24/2014 - Marshall Vaughn (59) was issued a citation for failure to perform duties of a driver near the 300 Block of North St.

9/26/2014 - Ronald Vanderzanden (21) was issued a citation for operating a vehicle without proper mud guards near Grant Ave.

9/27/2014 - Martinez Varillas (20) was issued a citation for driving while suspended and defective vehicle lighting near Rose Ave.

9/28/2014 - Marshall Vaughn (59) was issued a citation for careless driving and no seat belts near Washington Ave.

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