Vernonia Oregon Police Department

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Blotter for May 2013


05/01/2013 Motor Vehicle Crash in the 400 Block of Bridge St.

05/02/2013 Jamie Curyea 27 was arrested on Warrant in the 600 Block of Mist Dr.

05/08/2013 Outside Agency Assist

05/10/2013 James Baraibar 59 was arrested on Warrant in the 50000 Block of HWY 47 S

05/10/2013 Sabrina Leahe 30 was arrested on Warrant near East Ave. and A St. cited and released

05/10/2013 Nicholas Henson 22 was arrested for Offensive Littering in the 400 Block of Bridge St.

05/10/2013 Report of possible Domestic on Rose Ave.

05/10/2013 Outside Agency Assist

05/11/2013 Report of Criminal Mischief in the 400 Block of Jefferson Ave.

05/15/2013 Jacob Fields 25 was arrested on a Warrant near Bridge St. and Weed Ave.

05/17/2013 informational Report taken

05/24/2013 Christopher Smith 62 was arrested on Theft III in the 700 Block of Jefferson Ave.

05/25/2013 Report of Found Property at Vernonia Lake

05/25/2013 Outside Agency Assist

05/29/2013 Jerid Shelby 23 was arrested on a Warrant in the 1000 Block of Missouri Ave.

05/30/2013 Brandon Graham 33 was arrested on a Warrant in the 2000 Block of Mist Dr.

05/30/2013 Report of Theft in the 700 Block of Jefferson Ave.

05/31/2013 Richard Mestay 41 was cited and arrested for Driving While Suspended on HWY 47 N


05/02/2013 Christina Boyles 52 was cited for No Operators Licence, Driving Uninsured, and Illegal Alterations on HWY 47 N

05/08/2013 Kristin Loggins 48 was cited for Dog as a Public Nuisance near Bridge St and 2nd Ave.

05/10/2013 Forrst Green 39 was cited for Driving While Suspended and Driving Uninsured near Bridge St and Rose Ave.

05/26/2013 Regina Halverson 29 was cited for Failure to Register, Operating without Proper Lighting, and Improper Display near Bridge St. and Grant Ave.

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