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Blotter for June 2016


06/02/2016 Other Agency Assist near North St.

06/06/2016 David Laplant (24) arrested on a Warrant near Bridge St.

06/07/2016 Death Investigation

06/17/2016 Robert Lokken (32) arrested on a WARRANT near Bridge St

06/17/2016 Arrest near 1st Avenue for potential Domestic Violence and Menacing


06/01/2016 Kenneth Berrigan (51) cited for Defective Lighting, Failure to Carry Registration/Insurance near Bridge St.

06/09/2016 Marcus Liello (28) cited for Violation of the Speed Limit 47/20 near Maple St.

06/11/2016 Austin Best-Cutright (20) cited for Violation of the Speed Limit 49/35 near Rose Ave.

06/14/2016 Jennifer Dugre (45) was cited for Expired Tags and Failure to Carry Registration/Insurance near Cougar St. and Rose Ave.

06/15/2016 Darby Martin (23) was cited for Failure to have Insurance near Bridge St and Rose Ave.

06/15/2016 Aimee McFalls (38) was cited for no Operator's License near Bridge St. and Grant Ave.

06/15/2016 Robert Naron (47) was cited for Driving While Suspended and Uninsured near Washington Ave. and A Street

Vernonia Police Department responds to calls that do not always end in Arrest, Report, or Citation. 06/01/2016 through 06/27/2016 VPD had a 163 calls for service

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