Vernonia Police Blotter for December 2020

Posted by Vernonia PD on Dec 14, 2020

December 2020


12/08/2020 Janet Gray (56) was arrested on a Warrant near Bridge Street

12/08/2020 Richard Rinks (68) was cited and released for a Warrant near Bridge Street

12/25/2020 Timothy Hucke was arrested for Arson 1 that occurred near Bridge Street.

12/27/2020 David Sterner was arrested on a Warrant near East Bridge Street.


12/03/2020 Nicholas Ogle (21) was cited for Speeding near Fullerton Road 79/55 mph

12/08/2020 Timothy McGowen (42) was cited for Driving While Suspended and No Insurance near Birch Street

12/17/2020 Justin Carrington (37) was cited for No Operator’s License and No Insurance near Jefferson Avenue

12/18/2020 David Hansen (26) was cited for Illegal Burning near Jefferson Avenue

Vernonia Police Department responds to calls that do not always end in Arrest, Report, or Citation. 12/01/2020 through 12/31/2020 VPD had 167 calls for service.