What is a School Resource Officer?

Posted by Vernonia PD on Nov 13, 2019

The duties of a school resource officer (SRO) include creating awareness for law-enforcement education related to school’s safety, monitoring those who visit schools, providing assistance for disruptive students, and enforcing rules.

While these duties seem straight forward, the Vernonia Police Department sees the SRO as so much more. The SRO may be in uniform and may be patrolling the halls or sitting at a table with kids during lunch. These simple interactions enforce a positive and common perspective of Law Enforcement in Vernonia Schools grades K-12. It is not uncommon for a child to wave to the Officer, or ask to see something on their uniform, or even for a teenage child to make jokes with the Officer.

Due to the continued presence of the SRO in our schools more students have reported issues at home and in their peer groups. They have gained a comfort and a safe adult to speak with in their everyday lives. The SRO has guided students on several topics from behavior, respect, bullying, cyber bulling, drug/alcohol awareness, and self-defense.

With the escalation of school violence in recent years, having Law Enforcement at the school has also given parents a little piece of mind knowing if there is an event an Officer is already there. With the positive reception of the School Resource Officer not only by the school, students and community the Vernonia Police Department can only see this program as a positive moving forward and is excited to watch the program evolve and help more of Vernonia’s youth.