If You See Something Say Something

Posted by Vernonia PD on Nov 13, 2019

Everyday we get up and go about our daily activities. Some of us go to work or take our kids to school and a multitude of other activities that constitute our daily lives. In Vernonia we are lucky to have an everyone pretty much knows everyone town. A place where we drive down the same general streets and the faces on the corner are like clockwork.

So, what do we mean by See something say something?

Basically, it means if you see something that doesn’t seem quite right to let Law Enforcement know. A person lurking in a yard that maybe you have never seen them in. A vehicle that is parked in an alley that has no license plates or maybe missing parts. A child walking down the highway alone, or a car following a group or individual child.

Trust your gut if you see something that makes you take a second look or not feel quite right you can call non-emergency dispatch at 503-397-1521 and leave a message for Officer contact. When you make that call it helps Law Enforcement to know the following:

  • Where did you see them?
  • What were they doing, or what caught your attention?
  • What time of day was it?
  • What were they wearing, were they male or female?

The more detail you give the greater the possibility that an Officer will be able to locate them. By saying something you become a part of the solution in protecting the Community. Whether you are protecting the life of a child, or personal property you are making Vernonia safer.