Bike Rodeo

Posted by Vernonia PD on Nov 16, 2023

On November 04, 2023 the Vernonia Police Department and Washco Bikes had our first Bike Rodeo. We are happy to report it was a success!

Bike Rodeo

The event had a pretty good turn out even with the vail of rain that was falling. We were able to change out worn helmets with new ones and even replace a few bikes.

The purpose of this event was to help educate Vernonia’s most valuable citizens our children, on bike safety. Here in Vernonia we have a lot of biking tourists, but we also have a lot of children that ride to and from our parks and throughout the neighborhoods to school and friends’ houses.

It is our goal to hold another event in May for grades 6th thru 8th. If you would like to donate to the cost of these events please bring your donations to the Vernonia Police Department so we can maintain this as an annual event.

Parents please make sure that your children are riding with helmets safely and correctly in our town. There are some laws and ordinances that you need to be aware of as a responsible rider.

ORS 814.485 Failure to wear protective headgear

A person commits the offense of failure of a bicycle operator or rider to wear protective headgear if the person is under 16 years of age, operates or rides on a bicycle on a highway or on premises open to the public and is not wearing protective headgear of a type approved under

ORS 814.488 Citations

If a child in violation of ORS 814.485 (Failure to wear protective headgear) is 11 years of age or younger, any citation issued shall be issued to the parent, legal guardian or person with legal responsibility for the safety and welfare of the child for violation of ORS 814.486 (Endangering bicycle operator or passenger), rather than to the child for violation of ORS 814.485 (Failure to wear protective headgear).

Ordinance 908 An Ordinance amending Ordinance 745 Controlling Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic; Providing Penalties

Section 2. Section 31 of Ordinance 745 is amended to read as follows:

Section 31. [Bicycle Operating Rules] In addition to observing all other applicable provisions of this ordinance and state law pertaining to bicycles, a person shall:

1. Not leave a bicycle, except in a bicycle rack. If no rack is provided, the person shall leave the bicycle so as not to obstruct any roadway, sidewalk, driveway or building entrance. A person shall not leave a bicycle in violation of motor vehicle parking provisions.

2. Not ride, operate or use a bicycle on a sidewalk adjacent to Bridge Street between Rose Avenue and Adams Avenue; including Madison Avenue, Jefferson Avenue, Adams Avenue, Shady Lane and Maple Street. Not ride, operate, or use a bicycle on the sidewalk along Bridge Street between Texas Avenue and California Avenue. For purposes of this Section; walking with a bicycle shall not be considered riding, operation or use.

(Amended by Ordinance 900, February 2, 201) (Amended by Ordinance 908, November 16, 2015).

A full copy of Ordinance 908 can be found on the City of Vernonia Ordinances.

Bike Rodeo